Popular Locations Wednesday

Toronto’s Valley Halla Estate

Constructed in 1936 for the inventor Robert Jackson, this isolated estate in the Rouge Valley is now owned and maintained by the nearby Toronto Zoo and use for events and filming.

The estate appears here as the Birdwatchers’ hideout in Orphan Black, Kasim’s cabin in Nikita, and a remote inn in In the Mouth of Madness.

It has also appears in Hannibal and Defiance.


HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY, CHLOË GRACE MORETZ [FEBRUARY 10TH, 1997] (insp) “I’m five-foot-five and broad-shouldered with a short waist—I’m never going to have that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue look. I’ve had certain projects tell me I need to wear push-up bras because I’m an A-cup, or I’ve been told I don’t have a pronounced-enough jaw, that I have a moon face. When I was younger I really took it to heart. I’ve started to realize that if I change all of these things that are my quote-unquote imperfections, like my little birthmarks and weird discolorations, my slightly lazy eye, or the gap in my teeth, then who am I? Am I a carbon copy of everyone else? Those things are what make me me.



Made new posters for the Harry Potter series, with a little twist 😉 In case you scrolled too fast and missed the instructions, you have to drag or click each poster!

I decided to have a bit more fun and tried to reimagine the book covers with the same trick. With research, I found out that there is a thing called “photochromic” ink that can change or reveal colors if exposed to UV or sunlight. The colors will revert back to original once the light source is removed. 

Applying the same concept to the book covers, I thought maybe if the white parts can be printed with light reactive inks, so once you go outside and expose the books to the sun, the hidden messages will be revealed. And when you go back inside, the secret images will immediately change back to white and become invisible again. 

I published the whole project with detailed descriptions over here. Then if you want the individual rebloggable posts, I compiled them here.


Reblogging for this wonderful use of white vs. invisible backgrounds. This is kind of like the heat-sensitive color changing paint jobs of my childhood!