The Judy Garland one omg😳👏

#how do that many sounds fit into that tiny of a human

Stephanie Leonidas, photographed by Vincent Lions for Bon Bon magazine, circa 2015. Love these photos so much, especially that close-up. See source for credits.

Freema Agyeman in the Sense8 2016 Christmas episode.

Miranda Cosgrove had fun with her car selfies today. She composed today’s picture exactly like one more than two years ago. Same clothes, same look, even her hair falls the same. But they are two different pictures (look at the light falling on the car door)

Here’s 2014:

Here’s 2016:

Thanks to CosgroversBrasil for pointing it out.

Closer to the source: here

This image to me is also a depiction of how much she’s missed.

“Scout’s honour”

Jordan Brown is back as Esme in the 2015 Christmas episode of Dani’s Castle.