I just like playing women that are complex chicks, women with a past, or a different approach to life. I’m attracted to the more truth-telling stories about women and how they actually feel. Not all of them are going to be palatable and I love playing parts that I hate playing. I can’t imagine doing a boring girlfriend role – I just don’t know why you’d do them.

Moony I need help. I have spent hots gazing into the eyes of the lovely Billie Piper and I still do not know how to describe them. First off, what are they??? What colour are Rose Tyler’s eyes? The Doctor is easy – Nine blue, Ten(too) brown, Eleven green, Twelve blue, Three hazel, Eight blue – but I can not for the life of me describe Billie/Rose’s eye colour.


Hullo Nonny thanks for stopping by! What are Billie’s eyes? 

Warm as chocolate melting on your lips 

Soft as a blanket on a winter evening

More alluring than a siren’s song

Brighter and sweeter than a summer sunrise