I swear I’ve not seen this photo of Jyn before! Anyone know where it’s from??

Don’t mind me but @ohstardustgirl‘s tabs have inspired my Jyn costume rant once again.  

Who has the best costume in Rogue One?  Jyn Erso does and here’s why.

Jyn Erso’s character is female, young, and physically attractive and yet:

1. She wears low-heeled, light-weight, and sturdy boots. They are good for running but still offer protection. She doesn’t “run in her heels” because that would be stupid.

2.  She wears full-length pants that are neither too tight so that they restrict movement nor so loose that they slip down. The waist is high enough that her undergarments and/or skin are never exposed.

3. Shall we speak about undergarments for a moment, George? It appears she’s wearing them but remains un-strangled by them through out the movie.  We can only assume she’s wearing them of course because Jyn never walks across the ship in nothing but her underwear.

4. Her shirt is full coverage.  At no point in the movie does her shirt rip strategically to show the maximum amount of skin while maintaining a PG rating for the film.  

5. When it rains, Jyn wears a rain poncho.  When it is cold, she wears thermal layers.  In other words, she dresses for the weather.

6.  She has a badass blaster (that she found, Cassian) held by a holster that wraps around her thigh but it’s not sexualized by long, lingering shots up her leg.

In other words, Jyn (a woman) dresses for the mission before her without regard for the male gaze.  She just exists.  And that makes her costume the best in Rogue One and, if I can engage in a little hyperbole here, one of the best damn costumes in modern cinema.

Felicity actually had a lot of input in the costume, and took careful measures to make sure it was not a sexualized costume.