georgia o’keeffe, jack in the pulpit no. iv.

© 1930. oil on canvas.

part four in a series of six depicting an arisaema triphyllum plant, known as the jack-in-the-pulpit. the series begins with the striped and hooded bloom, continues with successively more abstract and tightly focused depictions, and ends with the flower’s essence: a haloed black pistil standing alone against a black, purple + gray field.

no. iv illustrates the midpoint in this process of increasing detail and abstraction. if o’keeffe consistently found her strongest inspiration in nature, she believed that the immanence of nature could be discovered in + through the refinement of form. thus, in this particular plant, abstraction becomes a metaphor of, and an equivalent for, knowledgethe closest view of the flower yields an abstract image, just as the most profound knowledge reveals its abstract form.


Me as a thief: Steals the US Constitution. Replaces it with a perfect forgery, except the Second Amendment has been edited from “the right to bear arms” to “the right to bare arms.” Breaking News the next day: Nation has been misreading the Constitution for over 200 years. Historians mortified. Politicians scramble to save face. Gun control laws go into effect nationwide. School principals trying to punish high school girls for wearing tank tops get slapped with a lawsuit for violating their Second Amendment right to bare arms. I fall asleep on a mountain of money in my mansion in the Bahamas. Suck it Nicolas Cage.

These tank top wearing girls would need to be part of a militia; as individuals they are not allowed this freedom.