Reposted photos of Alizée

The photographer Petra Bernardi Stevcikova has reposted some of the gorgeous photos she took of Alizée on her Instagram. Please check them out.

Une Enfant du Siècle – Alizée

I finally completed my collection of Alizée studio albums. I didn’t have her fourth album, Une Enfant du Siècle. Since it was out of print, I had to get it second-hand. There’s something about having a real CD and booklet to hold in your hand over a digital download. Maybe I’m just old-school, maybe it’s the great photography by Camille Vivier. Here are some examples of the included photo’s:

The music is easily the most inaccessible she’s made. Quite experimental, no easy hooks, quite varied. But I like that: if I want to hear a copy of some of her other albums, I put in that CD instead.