Jenna new face of Neutrogena

Jenna applying a Neutrogena product to her lips

Jenna Ortega announced just now that she’s selected as brand ambassador/face of Neutrogena. Neutrogena is a skin care company and they posted the above teaser photo on their Instagram and Twitter.

Earlier Jenna posted a video announcing the announcement, inviting people to guess what it was going to be about. Just now she posted the answer. See the two videos below.

Jenna announcing a secret announcement
Jenna announces becoming brand ambassador for Neutrogena

Jenna Ortega starts filming today in the film Songbird, according to this Deadline article and her own Instagram, where she posted a screenshot of the article and the caption Here we go.

Jenna supports WE on Giving Tuesday

Jenna Ortega posted this photo of her in Kenya on her Instagram today. She visited there about a year ago to support the WE charity. Any donation made to that charity today on Giving Tuesday will apparently be amplified 10x, so please think about it (US/Canada only it seems). See

You S2 out 26 Dec on Netflix

You season 2 will be out on Netflix on 26 December 2019. It stars Jenna Ortega and she shared one of the first still images today on her Instagram.

Ellie smiling at Joe
Jenna Ortega as Ellie in season two of You.

Earlier she shared a teaser video showing her character. Below is a screenshot from that.

Ellie staring into the camera
First look of Jenna’s character Ellie in You.

Jenna’s busy

Jenna Ortega had the first day for the film Yes Day yesterday and has the last day of shooting for the sequel to The Babysitter today. She sure is busy.

Photo from her own Instagram

Other projects that she has already filmed but which are still to be released are the second season for the TV series You and the film American Carnage.

Jenna looking cool

This is a photo from Jenna’s Instagram of her filming for The Babysitter sequel for Netflix and looking cool doing it

There’s a new Instagram post by Saving Flora with a picture of Jenna Ortega and Flora (you know, the elephant).

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Be fearless in the face of adversity

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Gail Bowman has posted new beautiful photos of Jenna Ortega on her Instagram. It’s worth checking her Instagram, there are more photos of Jenna.