First look of Jenna Ortega in Scream

Entertainment Weekly posted first look stills of the 2022 film Scream, starring Jenna Ortega. In her photo, her character Tara is playing with a kitchen knife while on the phone.

Jenna as Tara in 2022's Scream, playing with a kitchen knife.

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Happy Birthday Jenna!

Happy Birthday to Jenna Ortega who turns 19 today!

Jenna is a great actress you may know from You, The Babysitter: Killer Queen, Yes Day, Stuck in the Middle, Jane the Virgin, Saving Flora and of course Know It All Nina. You will soon know her from The Fallout, Scream, X and as lead Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series Wednesday.

I hope she gets to celebrate her birthday at home this year; I gather the last couple of years she had to celebrate her birthday on a film set or when away for other commitments.

Let’s celebrate here with these great photos recently taken by Jess Wasson for the American Eagle fashion campaign.

Jenna leaning forward, wind blowing through her hair, wearing a blue-white striped top and worn jeans.
Jenna Ortega by Jess Wasson (source)
Jenna sitting in front of a tree, wearing a black jeans jacket and white shirt
Jenna Ortega by Jess Wasson (source)
Jenna sitting in front of a tree, wearing a black jeans jacket over a  white shirt and matching dark jeans
Jenna Ortega by Jess Wasson (source)
Jenna sitting in front of a tree, wearing a black jeans jacket over a  white shirt and matching dark jeans, a strand of hair falls down over her face
Jenna Ortega by Jess Wasson (source)

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Drowned Irath

I’m rewatching Defiance, the sci-fi tv series where Stephanie Leonidas plays the Irathian Irisa. I came across this ‘Drowned Irath’ look when Irisa came in from the rain (in the penultimate episode of season one) and thought it deserved some screenshots.

Stephanie Leonidas as Irisa, dripping wet from the rain
Stephanie Leonidas as Irisa, dripping wet from the rain
Stephanie Leonidas as Irisa, dripping wet from the rain

The Fallout world premiere

Jenna Ortega’s film The Fallout has its world premiere today 17 March at SXSW festival (held online) and competes in the Narrative Feature Competition. The film has me really excited because I know the combination of Jenna’s talent and the film’s story is going to cause a lot of impact. I really liked the vibe that came across from the various behind the scenes posts that have been made from the film’s set. Very much a people making art and feeling good about it vibe.

Jenna plays the character Vada.

Jenna Ortega as Vada in The Fallout, wearing a white shirt and red trainers

In the teaser trailer there are many impressive moments that suggest this is a must-see film. The scene where Vada slides down the stairs looks iconic. What stands out to me is maybe something less obvious; at some point Vada seems to be looking at a computer screen (this moment is also the thumbnail for the YouTube video) while we look at her eyes where their small tense movements betray supressed emotional turmoil and despair. Jenna is such a great actress and that moment we’re looking straight into that greatness. Also the moment where Vada is lying on her bed looking at her phone shows someone who’s emotionally not well at all.

On SXSW the film can only be watched by US residents (link to watch The Fallout here), so that leaves me out. I’m very jealous. But the international distribution rights have already been secured by a major studio, so I’m sure I’ll get to see it one day.

Below you’ll find the teaser trailer for the film, credits are in the description on YouTube. The image at the top of the page is from the film’s Instagram account, as is the character photo of Vada.

Wikipedia has information on The Fallout. The film’s Instagram account is the_fallout_movie and on YouTube they’re at THE FALLOUT.

Yes Day (with Jenna Ortega) available on Netflix from today

The film Yes Day is available on Netflix from today. It stars Jenna Ortega and is a comedy about parenting, responsibility and maturity. I’ve just seen it and it’s great. It’s both funny and heartfelt.

Yes Day still with Jenna Ortega and Jennifer Garner
photos copyright Netflix

Soon, next week to be precise, Jenna can be seen in the film The Fallout which will have its world premiere on the SXSW festival, which will be held online. She’s also filming the film X (“how very un-googleable”), has filmed Scream (the fifth instalment of that franchise) and then there’s still ‘the Spanish film’ which she filmed over the summer in Spain even before the corona pandemic (the title is likely American Carnage). A lot of films to look out for still.

It’s All Love out in a month

Reminder that Jenna Ortega’s book It’s All Love is out in less than a month, on 5 January 2021. Here’s the link she shared with information about the many places you can preorder it: It’s All Love by Jenna Ortega.

I’ve already preordered it and can’t wait for it to arrive. Her wisdom has impressed me for a while now, so the chance to read her thoughts in her words is quite exciting.

Christina Ricci in After.Life

Here are some screenshots of Christina Ricci in the film After.Life. In this film she plays Anna Taylor, a young woman who has just died in a car accident. In the mortuary she’s being prepared for the funeral by the funeral director who can communicate with the dead. This provides the character with time to come to terms with her life and her relationship with her fiancé.

As always I loved Christina’s performance in this film.

I’ve made some screenshots of the few moments in the film she’s not lying naked on the slab. The source material was not HD, so the resulting screenshots are very low res as well.

Copyright notice: even though I took these screenshots, the copyright remains with the original owner