The Kiss.

Miranda Cosgrove and Nathan Kress as Carly and Freddie in iCarly’s final episode iGoodbye Part 2.


I honestly think that she’s the most beautiful girl in HP cast after Emma 🙂

Bottom photo is as Cousin Maureen in one of Jessie’s videos I believe.

Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning in Uptown Girls from 2003.

Uptown Girls – parallels

Brittany Murphy and Dakota Fanning in the 2003 film Uptown Girls. Brittany plays the child-like daughter of a rock star who starts babysitting Dakota’s character who is a totally grown-up 8 year old. The babysitter needs to grow up and take responsibility for her life, while the child needs to learn to be a child.

Throughout the film there are parallels set up between the two characters.


Did we already establish that Daenerys Targaryen is basically an improved version of Alexander the Great?

This connection and some others:

Another connection that I don’t quite see, even though I’m fascinated by both Daenerys and Cleopatra:

Again a connection with Cleopatra, but also Henry VII:

A detailed treatise on the historical connections:

Shiri Appleby, Britt Robertson and Ksenia Solo in Life Unexpected episode 2×05 Music Faced.

Emily Browning and Tara Fitzgerald in Legend.

I have a tendency to always connect songs with scenes. I can pretty much remember most of the songs that were in my head during most scenes.

Brittany Murphy

On the DVD commentary of Don’t Say A Word

It’s like little vacations in other people’s lives

Brittany Murphy

Talking about acting on the Don’t Say A Word DVD commentary track

All those people suggesting that not Daenerys Targaryen is the rightful heir to the throne, but that Jon Snow is. He died and then came back. His claim surely died with him. It’s a slayer thing.