wow, what a gorgeous month to remember autism isn’t a disease and there’s no “cure for autism” and there shouldn’t have to be one just because allistic people can’t get the hell over themselves and realise other people experience the world differently and have different needs and require different accommodations. terrific.

autism is literally a neurological and development condition but ok sure yeah keep with the feel good platitudes, you absolute tit

There’s a strong difference between a “disease” and a “condition”, you absolute tit

Think of it this way. 83% of computers (laptop and desktop) use Windows. 13% use Mac. The vast majority of software is developed for windows, with another significant fraction developed for or adapted to mac, because that’s what most people use and it’s all most people understand.

Now imaging you’re one of the 1.4% of computers are running Linux. This doesn’t mean you’ve got a windows machine with a virus, it doesn’t mean your computer is broken, it doesn’t mean it needs to get replaced with a more common operating system. It’s not quite as good at some things most people take for granted, but it’s significantly better at a bunch of other things. But if you have a problem with your computer, the vast majority of people won’t have any idea what you’re talking about. They’ll give advice for how to deal with a similar issue on their own computer, and it will be worthless. The only people with any idea what you’re going through are going to be on linux forums. And you can mostly muddle through all the things everybody else can do with improvisation and lots of WINE, but it sure would be nice if the devs of that video game you were looking forward to would like, acknowledge the existence of your demographic.

Now imagine that on top of all that, the primary linux support system had been taken over by a bunch of assholes who’ve never so much as looked at a command prompt in their lives. but who have declared themselves the Voice of Linux Users and keep spending millions of dollars on campaigns “educating” everybody about how using linux makes you a fundamentally bad and stupid person so your laptop needs to be burned immediately to force you to get a correct computer.

i love that analogy so fucking much

As an IT person who uses linux and as a mother of one, possibly two autistic kids:

This is an excellent analogy.

It is and also, I love how trilllizard666 answered the OP with an objection that in no way counters what the OP said.

Autism is literally a neurodevelopmental condition.

Which is not a disease and for which there is no cure but which can require a different approach to life in the world.

Both of those things are true.

As an autistic person who prefers to use Linux whenever possible (and has used the OS metaphor a few times privately to explain what autism is before), I applaud this!