Louise and band (from home)

This is so fun, Louise and her band performing Escapade from home.


Happy Birthday Ryan Newman!

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feeling twenty-two ✌🏼✌🏼

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Added Blow The Man Down with Morgan Saylor to my watch list on Prime Video.

I like the concept of using embeds of external content on your own site. This way you can show what you’re interested in or what your message is, like you would when retweeting, but your audience is not tied to one provider like Twitter or Instagram.

However, importing these posts like many people do is something I want to avoid: the posts should remain owned by their authors, they should be able to delete the post, and likes, views, etc should count towards their posts. Embedding provides the solution to this. The content is loaded from the external site (e.g. Twitter) and if an author has deleted the post, the embedded block will remain empty.

When a user on a federated service posts a message, the expectation is that it will be shared with other servers. Just like when you email someone, you understand that the message leaves your computer and possibly goes to another provider. However, if you tweet or post on Instagram, you would be rightfully annoyed to find your post copied onto someone else’s website, even after you have maybe deleted your post.

I also wanted to find out whether posts with such embeds showed up correctly when published to a federated network using the ActivityPub protocol. It doesn’t yet do so… Whether it’s a tweet with a video or text only, or an Instagram post, they show up mangled in the fediverse.

What would be ideal is the published, federated post containing nothing more of the embedded object than the link. Receiving servers could then display the embedded object themselves, if they so choose. A bit like how Friendica shows imported tweets.

Another experiment is to start a page of embedded Instagram posts that I find interesting. I’ll be adding to the page, or maybe I’ll convert it into posts. Anyway, at the moment it is mainly her:

Started a Tweet Cage, mainly to embed Tweets by others that I think are important to keep. But of course I’ve also included a tweet by me that somehow got 6000+ likes…

Still excited that Chloë Grace Moretz once answered my question in an Q&A… Even though it was over a year ago…

Deleted much

I’ve now mostly removed all those posts imported from tumblr that were just a reblog of someone else. That’s more than 1500 of them. These shouldn’t have been imported in the first place.

Next task in the tumblr import mess cleanup is to fix the posts that are broken. Especially videos didn’t come through correctly, so I will just re-upload them again. But also photo sets aren’t ok.

In the mean time I’m trying to add microformats2 and other meta tags to this blog in a child theme. The existing plugins don’t quite do it the way I want. The eventual goal is to be able to have a better integration with Twitter and others using bridgy.

I also have plans to use categories more to separate subjects as if they are separate blogs, with an overview on the homepage. You may notice the homepage is currently very sparse, but that’s because the content it’s going to point to is not ready.

Jenna supports WE on Giving Tuesday

Jenna Ortega posted this photo of her in Kenya on her Instagram today. She visited there about a year ago to support the WE charity. Any donation made to that charity today on Giving Tuesday will apparently be amplified 10x, so please think about it (US/Canada only it seems). See www.we.org/donate.

Ryan Newman may have posted this photo on her Instagram as an ad for the clothes, but to me it’s also a really good picture of her…