Thank you for being a reasonable adult and in spite of legitimate concerns over Hillary, recognizing the greater threat that is Trump. I’m so scared that the Bernie or Bust types are going to enable Trump to get elected by protest voting. I’m only 31 but I do remember Florida 2000 and what Nader did and I’m petrified it’s going to happen again. Trump is the greatest threat I can imagine and how some can’t see that scares me. So thank you for saying what you’re saying lately.


At the moment, the Bernie or Bust folks are pissed, and hurt, and frustrated, and feel disempowered. That’s all totally okay and completely understandable. Give them time to work through the stages of grief, and hopefully enough of them will agree that Trump and the movement he leads and represents is a clear and serious threat to our entire country, but especially to the people that Bernie Sanders and all of us who support him. 

Listen, folks: we did what we could, and we got a lot done. We moved Clinton to the left in meaningful ways that she can’t abandon. We have the most progressive party platform in history. We can’t just take our ball and go home, now. If we do that, and we let Trump and Pence and the nationalists he leads into the White House, we will be fucked for a generation.

I hear people who are my age and a little older say, “yeah, they’ve been telling us that forever. It’s always about the lesser of two evils and we’re just perpetuating that.”

Okay, I hear that. This is sort of like the DARE program: they lie to you about everything, and they tell you that pot and heroin are the same thing. So you try pot and it isn’t that bad, and now they’ve lost all credibility. But the problem with that? They were telling you the truth about heroin.

Donald Trump is heroin.

In the past, maybe we were essentially choosing between two sides of a shitty coin. Okay, I can see that. I do not see how anyone who is honestly paying attention to this election can suggest with any credibility that Clinton and Trump are two sides of the same coin.

This is a serious thing. This isn’t like “my team is out of the playoffs so I’m not going to pay attention.” This isn’t a game. This is about something bigger than all of us.

I thought Hillary Clinton gave a terrific speech at the convention. She said just about everything I wanted to hear. She loudly and unambiguously took positions that are important to me, and she made me feel that, even though there are some things I don’t agree with, she’s going to be a responsible and competent president.

We still need to work hard to elect the most progressive Congress we can, which is something we’d have to do even if Bernie was our candidate and president. We still have to work hard! This is not the time we give up and pout and glare at the wall.

So be upset now. Yes. It sucks that we all worked so hard, and the DNC is shitty, and we did everything we could and it wasn’t enough, but that’s what happens sometimes. 

If you’ve followed me for the last year, you know how passionate I am about Bernie Sanders and progressive politics, so I hope you understand and believe me when I do not say this lightly: Give Hillary Clinton a chance to make her case to you, and also listen to Donald Trump and Mike Pence when they make their case to you. Remember the passion and excitement we had for Bernie Sanders, and listen to both campaigns, and I believe that you’ll agree with me that our choice is clear and isn’t difficult: Hillary Clinton should be our next president.

Stephanie Leonidas in American Gothic: 6 – The Chess Players.

It’s where Sophie asserts control over her little family within all the drama of the bigger family. And where I think we see Sophie always being one move ahead.

Loved the scene with the two mothers facing off. There’s unfortunately no way to capture that in a screenshot.