Thank you for being a reasonable adult and in spite of legitimate concerns over Hillary, recognizing the greater threat that is Trump. I’m so scared that the Bernie or Bust types are going to enable Trump to get elected by protest voting. I’m only 31 but I do remember Florida 2000 and what Nader did and I’m petrified it’s going to happen again. Trump is the greatest threat I can imagine and how some can’t see that scares me. So thank you for saying what you’re saying lately.

wilwheaton: At the moment, the Bernie or Bust folks are pissed, and hurt, and frustrated, and feel disempowered. That’s all totally okay and completely understandable. Give them time to work through the stages of grief, and hopefully enough of them will agree that Trump and the movement he leads and represents is a clear and […]

Stephanie Leonidas in American Gothic: 6 – The Chess Players. It’s where Sophie asserts control over her little family within all the drama of the bigger family. And where I think we see Sophie always being one move ahead. Loved the scene with the two mothers facing off. There’s unfortunately no way to capture that […]