people who don’t wear glasses who are writing characters who wear glasses;

vandigo: undressrehearsal: dragonshost: interstellar-elf: welcomedmachine: kyanve: too-many-illidans: diedraechin: majorgenerally: rashaka: neko-crimson: queencasper: connormurphweed: they get fogged up when we drink hot beverages. they get smudged for no reason. we will push them up using anything in our area (i.e shoulder, whatever is in my hand, scrunching my nose up so they get pushed up, etc.). […]

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again

poetrylesbian: The American Gothic (2016) was a masterpiece of television that had an interracial wlw couple, badass women in power with questionable morals, a non-demonising depiction of addiction as a disease, and one of the few mystery shows without a predictable ending.

Every photo shoot with Dove Cameron that comes out lately is impressive. This one is from Raw ( See that site for a nice interview and the original sized photos (Tumblr resizes). Photos by  Kai Z. Feng. That photo with the red top and jeans: those are her own clothes. The single is called “Talks […]