people who don’t wear glasses who are writing characters who wear glasses;














they get fogged up when we drink hot beverages.
they get smudged for no reason.
we will push them up using anything in our area (i.e shoulder, whatever is in my hand, scrunching my nose up so they get pushed up, etc.).
they get knocked off our faces all. the. fucking. time.
when we change clothes we either take them off or they fall off when we pull our shirts off.
we have to clean them after being in the rain.
we own multiple pairs of them, not just one lone pair for our whole lives.
most people don’t wear them in the pool, but some have extra old pairs for the pool (like me).
some people take them off during sex, that’s fine! but some people keep them on.
they don’t get squished into your face when you kiss (most of the time. at least from what i’ve experienced and i’ve got some mf big glasses).
if we look down and look back up while you talk/to peek up at something, we will just peek blindly over the top of them.
we clean them on whatever item of clothing is closest.
some of us have prescription sunglasses and some of us wear contacts when we need to wear sunglasses.
please keep some of these in mind when you write characters with glasses cause y’all who have 20/20 vision keep telling me all characters sleep in their glasses and own the same singular pair from age 6-25 and they never clean them.

Some small additions to this:

– When we get hugged by people who are taller than us, especially if caught off guard, one lens inevitably gets smooshed into our faces. Or their face, leaving gross oily residue (maybe this is just with grandparents idk)
– Some people like me wear glasses in the shower/pool until they’re more of hindrance than help
– Depending on how bad your sight is, you don’t just ‘lose’ your glasses and move on
– Seriously. I’ve had them fall of my nightstand and it’s TERRIFYING to not know where they are  and try to guess at shapes
– Not everyone has spare glasses! It’s only in the last year that I’ve changed frames that have a similar prescription. In these cases, you might be able to squeak by for a few days without your current prescription (using an old pair), but it depends on how far apart they are
– Sometimes we fall asleep in your glasses. Sometimes when we do that too much the arms get bent and we have to get them fixed, it’s not a habit that should be taken lightly
– Occasionally (I don’t own prescription sunglasses or contacts) you have to break down and pull regular sunglasses on over top of your glasses, it looks dumb as hell
– Some of us like getting other people to try our glasses on so we can explain how frickin’ blind we are. But, a more general trend is being pissed when people take them without asking to make that assumption on their own
– Getting out of air conditioned cars when it’s hot and humid is basically The Worst kind of fog

even if you have two pairs of glasses with the same prescriptions, the frames might be a different shape so you’ll still have to adjust to the curves of the lenses/seeing over the frames/etc

even with glasses, your vision doesnt become perfect.


characters with long hair may get their hair stuck in the hinges or caught under the frams (stuck between the glsses and the face) its not fun and its v uncomfortable

Glasses can give you little marks on the top bridge if your nose, where they rest for hours all day.

When you forget where you put your glasses, every step a PRAY TO HOLY FUCK moment that you don’t step on them accidentally.

It may look sexy on some people but I can tell you after 28 years of experience that no one really likes walking around with a contraption on their face. it’s not fun or exciting in the long run.

Once I put my glasses down on my bed and had to get my roommate to come find them for me.

If you have more than one pair of glasses, the second pair is probably sunglasses and you might spend a lot of time wandering around trying to remember where you put them.

And if you have a cat, you hope that they don’t knock them off the nightstand while you’re sleeping because they just want to play and without fail they’ll fall into that spot that is a pita to reach. 

Opening the oven does a number on glasses too.  

The worst part is when you go to clean a fingerprint off your glasses but only smear the fingerprint around and have to spend the next 5 minutes cleaning them, putting them on, looking at a light source, taking them off, cleaning them again, nope, okay lick the lenses this time, clean them on a different part of your shirt, okay there we go.

Also if you have a lot of tech things:  Using microfiber cloths, screen cleaning kits, etc. for your glasses almost more than for your phone/tablet screen.  

And the fun game of “is this an ocular migraine starting or is there just something on my glasses”.

Can I talk about the tape on the bridge thing only works with plastic frame glasses and NOT wire frame

Also getting them broke is sucky but you can get them fixed for free at some eyeglass centers IF you originally got the glasses from them sometimes

I see your oven and I raise you: DISHWASHER STEAM.

About the kissing thing: if you’re kissing someone who also wears glasses they can clank together or get smushed together

when the little nose pad things fall off and you have a wire piece just … poking into your flesh

If you play volleyball and wear glasses, you will at some point end up with the edges of the glasses cut into your face. I wear contacts now.

When you only start looking where you left your glasses after you took out your contacts. Why do I do that. Every single time.

When you enter a bar on a cold evening and your glasses fog up so badly that you just have to stand there waiting for the fog to clear. When vision has returned somewhat, you don’t see your friends anymore. Did they leave? Is there an upstairs? Why do I have friends like this?

When I was a young kid, when we went to the swimming pool with friends, I had no contacts, no sport glasses, so I had to walk around without glasses. I had to memorize the colour of the swimming trunks of my friends, so I would not lose them. One time I found out I had been following the wrong boy around for quite a while.

And yes, glasses can be several hundred to a thousand euros. So you really do not have ‘a spare’.

I live in The Netherlands. I work in IT as application developer mainly doing Java, PLM, MES, etc. I play amateur level volleyball.

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