Dove Cameron floored by the amount of interest in the Property of Dove Cameron products. Sale extended.

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Stephanie Leonidas on the Instagram of photographer Phillip Barker (iamalwaysconnected).

Lindsay Armaou on the Instagram of fan account bwitched4eva.

Rosie Day, on the Instagram of photographer Esme Buxton (esmebuxtonphotography).

Jenna Ortega on WE Day New York, on the Instagram of wemovement.

Miranda Cosgrove is making Penny jealous.

Saving Flora, with Jenna Ortega, will be released 22 October 2018.

So Tumblr no longer allows you to opt out of them sharing your privacy information with third parties. Even if you’re in Europe. I didn’t think that was legal.

No Tumblr, I do not accept.

And yet again they’ve deleted a lot of the tags I follow. Add to that the broken posts and search, and I wonder why I even bother anymore.

So it turns out Tumblr search is broken as well. Any posts uploaded from mobile are no longer indexed as far as I can see and tags I follow have been removed if they are above N in the alphabet. This makes Tumblr next to useless for finding new content beyond the blogs you follow. This all happened when they changed the posting style on mobile. Not happy.

Also still not happy about the mess that is posting photo sets from mobile. These show up as low res text posts on web in some random order with the caption in the middle. Are we going to have to fix these posts once they fix their framework, or will they fix these posts they messed up?