I live in The Netherlands. I work in IT as an application developer mainly doing Java, PLM, MES, etc. I play amateur level volleyball.

On this personal blog I will unlikely be talking about work. Or volleyball.

I follow many talented singers and actresses / actors on the various social platforms. I love admiring their work, whether it is film, tv series or new album releases. I believe the current social media, for all its faults, allows us to do good: let them know their hard work and talent is appreciated. But only at their own choice, if they search on their name or look in their mentions.

I will not post paparazzi pictures. Or speculate about gossip. I believe celebrities should be left alone and be able to lead their own private lives.

I’ll try not to post pictures or messages that the celebrity has posted on their own Instagram or Twitter. If you’re a fan as I am, I expect your following their account anyway.

Licenses: text I’ve typed on this blog are CC-BY, which means you can use it (even commercially, even when making a derivative work, even when not re-sharing on a free license) as long as you provide attribution. Photos I’ve made are CC-BY too, however if I don’t explicitly mention that I took the photo, it should be assumed the photo is from an external source, in which case the copyright is with that source. Many posts have been imported from my Tumblr blog, which indiscriminately imports reblogs as well; the copyright for those text is with the original authors.


You can send an e-mail to the account name “me” at this site name.

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