Emma Watson as Ila in Noah (2014).

I felt it was one of those epic movies where it is difficult for the actors to do their thing. Still, Emma has some great moments. For me the film only achieved its heart once Emma’s character joined the story, which takes a while.

The moment of the top image I was especially impressed by. Emma’s character is pregnant and her baby is in danger; at this moment she sees how much and decides right there and then to take a lot of risk to get it away from the danger. It’s this determination of the protector that I see in that look.

Noah’s character was quite interesting. It is not really made clear whether he received legitimate divine instructions, or whether he was a madman interpreting signs whatever way he sees fit.

BTW, I’m not a believer in the Noah’s Ark story. In fact, I believe it is based on the flood story line in the Epic of Gilgamesh, itself also a myth.

Chloë Grace Moretz in Let Me In (2010), playing Abby.

It struck me how good she already is at age 13 at playing such a complex character. I took the top screen grab mid transition, when she let a shift of one aspect of her character to another play out on her face. This leaves us with somewhat of a Mona Lisa smile, where you don’t know what she’s thinking.

Stephanie Leonidas as Sophie Hawthorne in the final episode of American Gothic: Whistler’s Mother. In this episode the story behind who is the Silver Bells Killer

and why he did what he did

is revealed, while the twists and turns keep coming.

Over the series I thought that Stephanie played Sophie as a complex character with a lot of love and feeling. It would have been so easy to have Sophie be the stereotypical drug addict, but she isn’t. She’s also an artist, she’s smart and she cares deeply. In the end, you really feel for her, despite what she did to Jack, Cam and others.

Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy and Nathan Kress as Carly, Sam and Freddy in iCarly, episode iShock America (part2).

I love all these contrasts in the show. The different body language between Carly and Megan, even though they both seem very natural, very confident characters. The role model Carly vs the anti-role model Sam.