Emma Watson as Ila in Noah (2014).

I felt it was one of those epic movies where it is difficult for the actors to do their thing. Still, Emma has some great moments. For me the film only achieved its heart once Emma’s character joined the story, which takes a while.

The moment of the top image I was especially impressed by. Emma’s character is pregnant and her baby is in danger; at this moment she sees how much and decides right there and then to take a lot of risk to get it away from the danger. It’s this determination of the protector that I see in that look.

Noah’s character was quite interesting. It is not really made clear whether he received legitimate divine instructions, or whether he was a madman interpreting signs whatever way he sees fit.

BTW, I’m not a believer in the Noah’s Ark story. In fact, I believe it is based on the flood story line in the Epic of Gilgamesh, itself also a myth.

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