Glam. Drippin’ Glam.

Jenna Ortega in her two outfits at the Latin Grammy’s 2018, where she was presenting. Styled by Enrique Melendez. Hair by Alexandra Piña. From their Instagrams.



Wholesome Programmer

The scariest thing about this is apparently Earth runs on Linux.

cat * | sed s/hate/love/g

Miranda Cosgrove bored in her trailer for 3022.

Source: her Instagram story.

Halloween 2018. Miranda Cosgrove, Mia Serafino, Jenna Ortega, Michelle Trachtenberg, Chloë Grace Moretz, Kaitlyn Dever, Chloe East (from their Instagrams).

Katie Douglas as Indigo in episode Side Show (parts 1 & 2) of Creeped Out (credited as Kathryn Emily Douglas).

I won’t spoil the reveal at the end, but once you’ve seen the episode and know the mystery, just watch it again and have an extra dosis of appreciation for Katie’s acting performance.

Miranda at home looking radiant. Penny watching television, which isn’t on. Source: Miranda’s Instagram.

Morgan Saylor in Homeland episode Marine One (S1, ep 12).

Jenna Ortega in Grumpy Magazine (Summer 2018). Photo by Caitlyn Hastings.