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Heather Nova’s crowdfunding campaign for her new album Pearl

Banner from her merchandising site

Heather Nova posted an Instagram video with some music from new album Pearl. The pre-order / crowdfunding campaign is still open at She has finished recording the album, but all the mixing stuff, etc is still to be done.

Sounds good! I still can’t get over her voice…

I just pre-ordered my signed CD. Yes I’m late, I know.

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@GidiKroon Obviously, this was a bit of a test post from WordPress to the fediverse and to Tumblr. The result isn't quite what I expected. The excerpt is suddenly in HTML, both the featured image and an included image are shown as attachments. This is different than the Twitter card…Anyway, if this is the result, I don't need to bother with featured images, or Twitter card settings.It's a shame that there's no way to set hashtags.

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