Deleted much

I’ve now mostly removed all those posts imported from tumblr that were just a reblog of someone else. That’s more than 1500 of them. These shouldn’t have been imported in the first place.

Next task in the tumblr import mess cleanup is to fix the posts that are broken. Especially videos didn’t come through correctly, so I will just re-upload them again. But also photo sets aren’t ok.

In the mean time I’m trying to add microformats2 and other meta tags to this blog in a child theme. The existing plugins don’t quite do it the way I want. The eventual goal is to be able to have a better integration with Twitter and others using bridgy.

I also have plans to use categories more to separate subjects as if they are separate blogs, with an overview on the homepage. You may notice the homepage is currently very sparse, but that’s because the content it’s going to point to is not ready.

I live in The Netherlands. I work in IT as application developer mainly doing Java, PLM, MES, etc. I play amateur level volleyball.

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