It occurs to me that same as always, almost all of today’s problems can be solved by people respecting others the same as they respect themselves.

This could mean respecting others more, or yourself more, depending on the problem.

What I mean is this: some people value their right for safety and happiness highest, then their family, then people of their own race, then others. This leads to providing less opportunities for people with a different skin colour than their own. Simply taking into account that others have the same rights for safety and happiness as yourself corrects that attitude.

And the other way around: some people don’t value themselves at all. They will continuously place other people before their own happiness, leading to many mental health issues. Keeping in mind that you need to respect yourself as much as you respect others, would help.

I live in The Netherlands. I work in IT as application developer mainly doing Java, PLM, MES, etc. I play amateur level volleyball.

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